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Treat yourself


When you stay at Hjerting Badehotel you have plenty of options for self-indulgence.  Besides our lovely rooms and fantastic surroundings, we also have a well- and fitness area. As a quest you have free access to steam bath, sauna and cold water-shower plus various sorts of exercising equipment. The rowing machine, the cross runner and our body bike get heart rate up, while our dumbbells and multi weight training-bench make it possible to work with all muscle parts.

Time for pampering and well-being

There is something for everyone in our well- and fitness area. The facilities cover most needs, regardless of you wish to get warm in the sauna after a winter swim, laze in the steam bath or sweat on the treadmill.

Wellness treatments

With our desire to give our guests the best premises for a great stay, we have associated a variety of talented practitioners to our fit- and wellness area.  

Here we offer a variety of treatments for pampring body and soul in lovely, comforting surroundings. Soft lighting, comfortable seating and liberating music give the perfect conditions for a fantastic experience.

Besides reflexology and foot massage it is also possible to get your hair, brows and eyelashes fixed at the hairdresser.



Booking of treatments

You can make an appointment for all treatments in the reception at Hjerting Badehotel or on +45 75 11 70 00.

If you wish to make an appointment at New Hair Dsign you can contact Dorte Skytte directly at +45 75 11 72 00.

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