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Our three varieties of houses

Badehotellet’s houses give you the opportunity to holiday in spacious surroundings. The houses are well-arranged in the lovely beach hotel atmosphere and have everything you need to enjoy a wonderful stay.

Light colors and soft furniture, that encourage comfort and relaxation, are a consistent part of the interior decoration. 

The houses were built from 2013-2015 and they are harmoniously positioned in a curve around the hotel’s northern wings.

When walking on the neatly constructed pathways between the houses, it almost feels like you are in a unique part of Hjerting, where the atmosphere is particularly cosy.

Hjerting Strand – Hjerting Beach – is less than 100 meters from the houses, so there is high potential for a swim in the brisky North sea or to explore the oisters, mussels and other wildlife on the beach.

Beach Houses

Holiday Houses

Town Houses

Get an overview of the location of the three varieties of houses

Beach Houses

No. 211 og 221

Holiday Houses

No. 231, 232, 241, 242, 251, 252, 261, 262, 271 og 272

Town Houses

No. 301, 302, 303, 304

Badehotellet’s facilities

Meeting facilities


Free WiFi

Fireplace room


Sauna & steam bad


Two restaurants



Practical information

The houses

At Hjerting Badehotel we have 11 all-year houses that consist of 7 houses end to end with the hotel plus 4 town houses. The houses have private kitchen and bath, so they are also suitable for longterm rent.

Several of the houses are spacious enough for an extra bed – please contact us for more information.



The prices include 

The prices include VAT, service and access to our well & fitness area.



There is free wifi in all of the houses.


Parking is available just outside of the reception.

The parking space also has a Clever charging station.


Indoor smoking is not allowed in the houses. We kindly refer you to our outdoor areas where we have set up ashtrays.


It is possible to bring a dog, which must be mentioned when booking. Dog costs kr. 250,- per dog per night.


Bicycles and SUP Boards

We have 8 bikes and 4 SUP Boards that are up for rental.

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