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Dinner parties and meals to go

Festive arrangements are a memorable part of Badehotellet’s long history. The combination of lovely surroundings, great service and sundowns at Ho Bugt is perfect, when we create memories for you. 

We offer different types of menus for brunch, dinner and all night arrangements at a fixed price. We have made a party brochure that illustrates some of the options we offer. Of course, there is always the possibility of adjusting the menu for your wishes and needs.

Our party brochure

Our party brochure illustrates how a great night in a festive mood can look at Hjerting Badehotel. We are open for your personal suggestions and inputs on how you will get an unforgettable night.

The brochure is being updated and will be back on the website soon. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions. 


Our brunch buffet consist of a wide variety of fresh ingredients, local specialities and organic products. We make sure that there is food and beverages for every need.

We spoil you with salty and sweet, and there is always the option of buying other beverages, welcome drinks or coffee and cake for a later time of the day.

Meals to go

If you wish to have your party at your own place, we are happy to help out with the food. Of course you will get the same tastiness and experience as when you enjoy it at our rooms. With this solution you can enjoy the homely atmosphere and make time for your guests.

We make all our food from the bottom and of course we only use the best ingredients. Feel free to contact us, if you have any creative thoughts on the menu. 

Booking af rooms and dinner parties

Our rooms are very popular and it is always a good idea to book ahead – even though there are years before the big day. If you are familiar with the date of your party, you can reserve the room now. When we have received your deposit the room is booked and you can start to plan your party with us.

For questions, room reservations or other things regarding party and arrangements, please contact Lars Munk on +45 75 11 70 00 or email lars@hjertingbadehotel.dk

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