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Café Ship Inn

Badehotellet’s casual meeting point 

Ship Inn is Hjerting Badehotel’s casual meeting point. The café serves everything from freshly brewed coffee to a delicious dinner. The surroundings are classic and rustic. Solid wooden furniture is conveniently placed across the beautiful plank floor and the bar is constructed of raw bricks, which is elegantly finished by a tabletop that unites sea, hotel and history; a semi-glossy tabletop of natural stone with fossils in a grey-beige beach hotel kinda shade. The hotel’s old timber framing is conspicuously enhanced and wooden wainscots gather a thread from the hotel section along with model ships and paintings of fishermen.


Local ingrediens and organics

Local ingrediens are a high priority at Badehotellet. We are proud to collaborate with growers from our neighbouring regions, who just like us, care about quality, specialities and organics. 

Badehotellets uformelle mødested

Ship Inn’s classics

Well-known dishes are a signature of the menu at Ship Inn. The tastefull classic courses are served in rustic and cozy surroundings, where there is room for everyone.



The bar – A meeting place for hotel guests and locals

Ship inn’s bar offers a wide variety of beverages. The scents of hop and barley are mixed with the fresh notes of white wine, when you enjoy the view from our spacious terrace. 

Gallery Ship Inn

The wall decoration at the brasserie often change. Known and local artists exhibit their pieces at Ship Inn and as a guest you will have a great opportunity to explore – and buy – the impressing art. Upcoming exhibitions are shown on this page.  


Ship Inn’s opening hours

  Monday-thursday:        11.00 – 24.00
   Friday:                            11.00 – 01.00 
    Saturday                         10.00 – 01.00 
      Sunday:                           10.00 – 24.00   
       Holidays:                        10.00 – 24.00    

The kitchen is closed from 17.00-17.30

The kitchen is closed for the day at 21.00. 

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