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The gastronomical corner

Strandpavillonen is our gastronomical pride. This is the place, where ingredients from local manufacturers and the touch of the Wadden sea leave a mark on flavor combination, expression and finish. The menus are put together by our talented chefs, who never compromise on quality, when they tell stories through the plates.

We offer prepared menus and á la carte and there is always have the option of picking the perfect wine from our large selection of assorted wines.


In front row to the Wadden sea

The first thing you meet when you step inside of Strandpavillonen is the impressing light of the room. Even on cloudy days, the light pours in through the bared panoramic windows, where the waves of the Wadden sea douse just outside.

There is a fantastic view of Ho Bugt, where Fanø, Langli and Skallingen loom in the horizon.

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A taste experience for all senses

A dinner at Strandpavillonen brings all senses into play, when the sweet and salty kitchens are united with fantastic ingredients.

Enjoy your dinner in an authentic beach hotel-vibe

The pavilion is decorated with white table cloths and basket furniture, which is positioned by the desire of getting the best view as possible. Floral wallpaper in sage green, greyish blue and an apricot shade is in stark contrast with the octagon-dot-covered floor; warm and classic at the same time.

Private arrangements in Strandpavillonen

It is possible to book Strandpavillonen for private arrangements. Read more about our parties HERE.

Strandpavillonen’s opening hours

Mon – sat:      18.00 – 23.00

The kitchen is closed at 21.00.

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