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Facilities and experiences at The Wadden Sea  

Badehotellet’s location at the Jutlandic west coast is a host of opportunities when it comes to experiences. The local nature is particularly generous and it is possible to get the finest nature experiences within a manageable travel time.


Meet the vantage points at Marbæk

The vantage points at Marbæk Plantation, especially “Gulebjerg” – Yellow Mountain – where beach and forrest meet each other via the great, ochre-yellow cliff, gives a fantastic view over the sea. Furthermore, the plantation at Marbæk is great for a hike, as wide and narrow forrest paths lead you through the landscape.

Rent a sea kayak

It is possible to rent one of our sea kayaks at the reception. Ho Bugt is fantastic to explore from the surface of the sea for both beginners and more experienced. Fanø, Langli and Skallingen is close by and is definitely worth a try. 



Kr. 200,- for 4 hours

Kr. 300,- for a whole day

Rent a bike and go far and wide

We rent out bikes, so that you can go far and wide and experience the lovely surroundings and attractions near Badehotellet. We are happy to give tips and guidance for short and long trips. We recommend that you borrow one of our bike helmets.


Kr. 50,- per hour

Kr. 100,- per hour

Kr. 300,- per hour

Golf and beach hotel stay – a perfect match

Hjerting Badehotel has fine arrangements with the nearby golf courses, and as a hotel quest you have the opportunity to combine your stay with a green fee-voucher. It can be purchased at the reception.

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