The Shop – Hjerting Badehotel

The shop at Hjerting Badehotel is a true experience for those who like great quality, exquisite goods and delicious specialities. The Store has everything one’s heart desires, regardless of you are looking for sweets, special wine, exotic spices, arts and crafts or fine bathroom accessories.

Step inside for a sensuous experience

The large window section of The Store invites you in for an overall sensuous experience. It smells of high percentage chocolate, roasted coffee beans and spicy tea when you open the door to the large product range. 

Local specialities

High shelves swell with all the world’s refreshing softdrinks, effervescent bubbles and alcoholic beverages in colorfull packagings. Italian specialities and luxurious antipasti spread out continuously throughout the store, briefly interrupted by a beautiful cold counter with a fantastic selection of local butchery goods. 

Badehotellet’s luxury coffee – The customers’ favorite

Three large coffee grinders grind beans as desired, while instant coffee offer tastes for every need. The tea selection is impressive and range everything from Badehotellet’s Luxury Mix, green tea and chai.

Delicacies and pampering

The selection of Summerbird is worth a description it self, and the chocolates’ elegant appearance is subtly challenged by the black liquorice from Bülow, the sweet marshmallows by The Mallows and the fruity colors of Wally and Whiz’s quadratic wine gums. The caramels from Karamel Kompagniet smell sweet and creamy through the fine wrapping next to the shop counter, which is loaded with tempting pieces of goods.  


“We enjoy being a part of your self-indulgence and thoughtfulness of others. We are happy to help you out with a giftbasket for every occasion based on your wishes.

The Store’s opening hours

Monday:                          CLOSED
Thursday – Friday:      10.00 – 17.30
Saturday:                   10.00 – 14.00
Sunday:                  10.00 – 14.00
Holidays:            10.00 – 14.00

Brands that are stocked at The Store

It is highly valued to sell goods from local suppliers in The Store at Hjerting Badehotel.

Besides – Summerbird, Lakrids by Bülow, Karamel kompaniget, The Mallows, Lakridseriet, Bagsvær Lakrids, Wally & Whiz, Konnerup Chokolade, Almaregårdens lakrids, Baru, Winteriet, Nybro Frugtplantage, De 5 gårde, Mariager salt, Vestjysk delikatesser, Stokes, Carstensens the, Chaplon the, Ib Laursen, Sif & gry, Hjemhavn, A2 living – we also sell goods from Fanø bolcher, Slagter Christansen, Fanø Honning, Fanø Bryghus, Fanø Rom and Hr. Skov.